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Reporting Group Codes

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Reporting Group Codes provide the ability to categories promotions and Campaigns/Coupons for the purpose of reporting and organisation. Reporting group codes are returned with basket validation responses to allow the integrating system to know which reporting group the triggered promotion applies to.

Reporting Group Codes are available for the following functional areas:

  • Promotions
    Reporting group codes assigned to a promotion are returned with the promotion when it is applied to a basket. The code can be used for triggering additional actions in integrating systems, or for reporting/promotion use analysis.

  • Missed Promotions
    Missed Promotion Reporting Group Codes are returned with promotions when they are reported as missed against a basket.

  • Campaign/Coupon Codes
    Reporting Group Codes are returned with Baskets validation responses where a code has been provided in the request. Further to this, the reporting codes are also returned when validation or exporting Campaign/Coupon codes.