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The configuration page provides access to all configuration options for Qixol Promo.

The following configuration functions are available:

Promotions and Associated promotion data

From these configuration areas, you can manage the list of Promotions, the Promotion Group configuration data used for categorizing promotions, and the Reporting Groups for promotions.

Products and attributes

From these configuration areas, you can manage the import and maintenance of Products, Product Attributes and Basket Attributes.


Campaigns/Coupons allows you to import, export and maintain Campaigns/Coupons information for both Vouchers (internally managed), and Source Code Coupons (generated and issued externally).

Settings and other configurations

Settings is where you can configure the way in which Promo works. Further to this, you can view the Import Log to track the progress of queued and processed imports, and can update your Company details (including company logo, and the assigned Company Key which is used for all communications via the Basket Manager and Data Manager services).