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Entities and Attributes

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Attributes provide a mechanism for dynamically defining the information that can be stored against an Entity.

There are two extendable entities in Promo:

  • Basket
  • Product/Line

Against each of these Entities there are a number of standard attributes defined - these are referred to as System attributes and are created when the company is registered. Examples of System Attributes defined against the Basket Entity are Validation Date, Basket Reference, Delivery Method, and Delivery Price.

The Attributes defined against an Entity are used when creating promotions, to allow the application of that promotion to be restricted to baskets where the required attribute value is in use.

To view all Attributes defined, navigate to Configuration, and select All Attributes.


Depending on the Attribute's data type, it is possible to define multiple potential values. In the case of the Delivery Method Attribute on the Basket entity, potential values would be a list of supported delivery methods; similar to Next Day Delivery, Saturday Delivery and Standard Delivery.

For the Basket entity, Attribute values can be imported by selecting Import Values when viewing the Attribute.

Xml Name/Token

Each Attribute of an Entity has an Xml Name defined for it. This is the name of the Xml Attribute which will contain the data for this Entity Attribute when processing a Basket of data. For Product Attributes the values can be supplied when performing an import - please see the Import Product Schema for more information.

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes can be created against each Basket and Product entities, and can then be used when creating promotions. Where Custom Attributes are defined against the Product Entity, values for those Attributes can be created as part of the standard Product Import or Product creation processes.

To create a new Custom Attribute, navigate to Configuration, then All Attributes and select Add New.