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Promotions List

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The promotions list provides a view of all promotions defined. The list can be filtered by entering a search value in the toolbar, or by selecting an item in the View drop-down list.

Active Now

Indicates whether the promotion will be available to baskets submitted with the current date and time. For further details on when the promotion is available, please see the Valid from and Valid to columns. Items highlighted in green are published, items highlighted in orange are unpublished (please see below for further details).


Published promotions are available to baskets being validated via the Basket Manager services and the Promo Web application. Unpublished promotions are only available to baskets being validated in the Promo Web application.

When promotions are first created, it is recommended to leave the promotion as unpublished, so that it can be thoroughly tested in combination with published promotions. Once a promotion has been published, it cannot be unpublished.

In Use

Promotions which are in use cannot be deleted, and only a subset of fields are available for modification. A promotion is deemed as in use once it has been triggered by any basket which does not originate from the Test store.

Creating new Promotions

Before creating promotions, please ensure that you have some Products to use (either from the sample set optionally created when registering, or after importing your own products), and any required attribute values (for example, delivery methods or customer groups).

Once you're ready to create your first promotion, click the Add New button on the toolbar.