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Attribute Values Import

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The attribute values import can be used to create, update and delete attribute values for the Basket entity. Attribute values for products are imported as part of the Product Import (please click here here for further details on the Product Import).

When importing attribute values, an entity and attribute token must be specified so the import routine is able to associate the supplied values with the correct attribute.

All data passed must adhere to the requirements for integration data - please refer to the the Integrating with Qixol Promo page for further details. When the attribute value import is completed, a summary will be shown indicating how many attribute values were inserted, updated or deleted, along with any validation errors that were encountered.

Display Values

For each attribute value imported, a display value can also be supplied. When provided this will be used when creating promotions to provide a more friendly representation of the attribute value.

Deleting Values

Attribute values can be deleted by supplying a deleted flag against the attribute value, with a value of true.

Starting an import

For integrated systems, the importing of values for attributes is performed through the Promo services. For further details on the services, please see the API Reference.

It is also possible to import values for attributes directly in the Promo Admin Portal by navigating to the required attribute, and selecting the Values tab, and then clicking the Import Values button on the toolbar.

When performing an import via the services or directly in the Promo Admin Portal you should provide an XML document which contains the values to be imported, and adheres to the schemas for this import.