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Product Import

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The product import can be used to create, update and delete products and product attribute values. Products which are not included in the import data will not be updated.

All data passed must adhere to the requirements for integration data - please refer to the the Integrating with Qixol Promo page for further details. \When the product import is completed, a summary will be shown indicating how many products were inserted, updated or deleted, along with any validation errors that were encountered.

Product Identification

For each product to be imported a product code/variant code combination must be provided. The product code (and variant code if supplied) will be used as the primary way of identifying the product. Where a product already exists, it will be updated.


Products which are in use (either in a promotion, or in existing baskets) will have a ‘snapshot’ of the product captured before updating. When historical baskets are re-validated they will use the product snapshot that is appropriate for the date of the basket. Only the most recent version of the product is visible in the Qixol Promo Web Application.
A snapshot is not created if only the description or price has changed.


Prices provided in the product import are only used in the Qixol Promo Web Application when constructing test baskets. The price to be used at the point of basket validation is expected to be passed with the basket details.

Deleting Products

To delete a product, pass the deleted attribute with a value of true. Only products which are not in use can be deleted.

Starting an import

For integrated systems, the importing of products and their attributes is performed through the Promo services. For further details on the services, please see the API Reference.

It is also possible to import products and their attributes directly in the Promo Admin Portal by navigating to the Products ist, and then clicking the Import Products button on the toolbar.

When performing an import via the services or directly in the Promo Admin Portal you should provide an XML document which contains the products to be imported, and adheres to the schemas for this import.