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Promotion Type: Delivery Reduction

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The Delivery Reduction promotion type provides the ability to discount the delivery amount based on the specified criteria. This includes optionally applying a discount based on the spend amount, and/or defined inclusion criteria.

Where a Minimum Spend Amount is specified, the Include Delivery in Spend Amount Calculation flag indicates whether to include the delivery amount specified in the total basket value used to compare against the specified Minimum Spend Amount.

Inclusion Criteria can be specified to add additional rules on when the discount will be applied. This can include validation of the products in the basket, and/or validation of Basket, Campaign/Coupon or Product attribute values.

A discount percentage or value can be specified, to indicate how to discount the delivery amount. Where a discount is applied to the delivery, a new line will be created in the basket (with a flag against it indicating it is a delivery discount) to assist in tracking how the discount was applied.

This promotion type is Delivery Level.

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