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Webhooks provide the ability for your integrated system to receive notifications when key events occur in the Qixol Promo Portal. This can be helpful when ensuring your integrated system is kept up to date with changes made to promotions, coupon/voucher codes or other entities.

Adding Webhooks

To create a webhook, navigate to the Webhooks section from Configuration, and select Add New from the toolbar.

Complete the form entering a value for the required fields:

  • Webhook Event
    The event with which the webhook is associated. When the event occurs your webhook target url will be notified including payload data about the entity to which the event applied.
    To view a sample payload for an event, select the required event in the drop down list and then select the View Sample Payload button.

    Payload data for all events is available as XML or JSON, see below for details on how to configure this using Settings.

    Multiple webhooks may be associated with the same event if required. If you don't see the event that you need, contact Qixol Support for assistance.

  • Target
    The target URL to be notified when the event occurs. When the event occurs the target URL will be triggered using an HTTP POST and will receive payload data detailing the event.

  • Enabled?
    Flag indicating whether the Webhook is currently enabled. If the Webhook is not enabled, it will not be notified when the event occurs.

  • Notification Period
    Where available to the event, specify the period where the event notification will be provided to the target.
    For example, for the event Promotion.EndingInPeriod specify a Notification Period to indicate when the Webhook should be triggered prior to the promotion ending. If a Notification Period of Hours is selected, and a Notification Period Value of 1 is provided, the Webhook will be triggered one hour before a promotion ends.

  • Notification Period Value
    Provide a value for the selected Notification Period.

Before saving the Webhook, select the Test Webhook Now button to confirm the Webhook Target is notified.

Webhook Settings

The following settings are available for webhooks:

  • Webhook Payload Data Type
    Specify whether webhook payloads will contain data encoded as XML or JSON.

  • Webhook Disabled Notification Email
    Specify an email address which will be notified when a Webhook is disabled due to a delivery failure.

Webhook Delivery Failures

When a Webhook event occurs and a Webhook target is notified of the event, an HTTP reponse code of 200 (OK) response should be received.

Where an OK response is not received three times or more within a sixty minute period, the Webhook will be automatically disabled. If an email address is defined in the Webhook Disabled Notification Email setting, the specified email will receive a message indicating the Webhook was disabled.