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Release Notes - v3.5

Qixol Promo v3.5

See below full details of what is included in version 3.5.

  • The new enhanced dashboard lets you closely track recent activity, including:

    • Summarised activity for the last 7 days, showing total baskets receiving discounts and more.

    • The top 10 applied promotions over the last 7 days, including the total uses, net and average applied discount values. A drill down is available for each promotion to analyse it’s performance over the last 7 days

    • The top 10 utilized campaign/coupons over the last 7 days, including drill down into each campaign/coupon to analyse utilizations each day

  • Code locks ensure that when customer ‘Fred’ has a basket with a campaign/coupon code to be utilized, that the code use is locked to Fred’s basket and it cannot be fully utilized by other baskets until Fred completes his order or the lock expires.

    • How does it work?

      • Code locks are only available to codes which have a restricted number of uses

      • A lock is created for a code when a basket is validated and the lock time-period starts. Further submissions of the basket will restart the lock time-period.

      • If a different basket tries to utilize the code, the number of active locks in combination with the number of previous confirmed uses is used to establish if the code can be utilized.

      • Additional information is provided with basket responses indicating whether code locking is enabled, and where enabled the number of active locks.

      • Where a code cannot be utilized due to active locks, a new validation response code is provided, along with the number of active locks.

    • How can I see active locks?

      • In the Qixol Promo Admin Portal, navigate to the code and on the toolbar select View Locks

      • The list of active locks includes the basket reference against which the lock is being held, and the time remaining until the lock will be released

    • How do I configure Code Locks?

      • Code locking is controlled by the following new Settings:

        Coupon Code Locks Enabled - Supports values of true or false. The default is false.
        Coupon Code Lock Release Time (minutes) - The time a lock will be held for, in minutes. The default is 10.

    • How will this affect my current integration?

      • By default code locking is not enabled. While code locking is not enabled, there will be no functional impact on integrated systems. Additional information will be included in basket responses to highlight that code locking is not in use for a code, but this information will be ignored by existing integrations.

      • If you enable code locking, it will function without any need to change your integration

        Please note: Where a code cannot be utilized due to active locks, an existing integration may not report this to the customer accurately – though this depends on the integration. It is always recommended to switch on new functionality in a test environment and confirm how it impacts an integration before enabling in a production environment.

  • Qixol Promo introduces the ability to analyse the use of Coupons for the last 7 days, 6 weeks or 6 months.

    • For a coupon, view a chart showing the utilizations in the selected period

    • Download statistics for coupon usage per day or channel, as Json, Xml, or CSV

    • Statistical export is also available via the Promo API

  • New Promotion Assist helps users create the right type of promotion by allowing them to choose the promotion type by selecting what the end benefit of the promotion will be. Users may also choose to copy selected criteria or discount/free-product items from an existing promotion

  • Voucher Code Issue Now allows you to issue voucher codes to customers on demand in the Portal.

  • Coupon Code Exports in the Portal now support overriding the filename for exported codes

  • Date/Time Tools help when creating promotions, campaign/coupon codes and test baskets by providing a set of common date/time functions. For example, when creating a new promotion, the valid from date/time can quickly be set to the Start of next month, and the valid to date/time can be set to the End of this year. Tools are available by selecting the dropdown arrow to the right of the date/time entry box, throughout Qixol Promo

  • Updated .Net Integration Librarie are available via NuGet which includes support for Code Locks and the new statistics for Campaign/Coupon Uses