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Release Notes - v3.3

Qixol Promo v3.3

See below full details of what is included in version 3.3.

  • Pinned items allows you to add the items you most commonly use to your navigation area. Navigating around your common tasks can now be achieved with just one click. To pin (or unpin) an item, select the pin icon at the top of each page. Pinned items can be opened, removed and reordered in the list in the navigation area.

  • Recent items shows the most recently opened promotions, products, coupons, attributes and more. Quickly jump between the recent items you’ve been working on with just one click.

  • Need a little more space on the screen? The navigation area on the left can now be collapsed, letting you make the most of the space available on your screen. Simply select the collapse arrow on the right border of the navigation area (tip: it becomes visible when you hover over it!).

  • We’ve given the portal a freshen up with some new styling and layouts –ensuring we’re displaying information efficiently and clearly.

  • For all promotion types, when creating basket attribute or product attribute criteria, you can now specify a formula to be evaluated against values provided in the basket. This setup can be achieved using our easy to understand formula builder.

    Using the new formula and functions, you can achieve scenarios like these (and more!):

    • Apply the promotion where a customer’s last purchase date is older than three months ago.

    • Target products in the basket to be discounted based on a date provided with basket lines – so where a date value on the line is before the end of the current month.

  • To add a formula to your promotion, add a criteria based on the basket or product attribute as required, and then select Value Comparison / Formula Function from the Values drop down.

  • Tip: for the advanced users you can also do text pattern matching using regular expressions! This allows you to check provided values for specific characters, patterns of characters, etc. For example – check if a value is a post code, starts with a set of characters and much more.

  • For advanced promotional scenarios, when using the Deal Price promotion type, you can now select the quantity to be discounted for each group. This option is only available where the Promotion Details / Apply Discount to drop down is set to Selected Product Group(s).

    This can allow you to create promotions such as:

    • Buy 4 get 2 free.

    • Buy 3 of product X and 3 of product Y, and get 1 product X and 1 product Y free

  • When defining product criteria with product attribute criteria you can now select whether products in the basket will be qualified using:

    • The selected products OR the product attributes

    • The selected products AND the product attributes

    The second qualifying scenario is especially useful where product attributes may be overridden on the line at the point of validating a basket.