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Release Notes - v3.2

Qixol Promo v3.2

See below full details of what is included in version 3.2.

  • Import products using a CSV file, including attribute values.

  • When importing products, you can now choose to persist existing attribute values, avoiding the need to always supply all values in the import.

  • For clearance, or end of line promotions, quickly update a list of products with an attribute value to include them in those promotions.

    A practical use of this could be to mark an ad-hoc list of products as being clearance, and use clearance as the criteria attribute in the sale promotion.

For users in organisations you can now copy promotions between companies:

  • Create promotions in your UAT or TEST company, and when ready copy the promotion to LIVE/PRODUCTION.

  • Highlight before copying differences in product or attributes in the source and target companies.

  • Automatically update coupon criteria, where coupons exist in both companies (matched by name).

We are pleased to introduce our new set of services for configuring promotions, promotion groups and reporting codes. This new module is available with a small additional monthly charge – for more information or to arrange a demonstration please get in touch.

New API service methods are available to:

  • List, retrieve, create, edit, delete, lock, unlock and publish promotions directly through the services.

  • Create, edit and delete promotion groups

  • Create, edit and delete reporting codes for promotions, coupons and loyalty

Example uses:

  • Ease the transition from your existing promotion management system to Promo by using our services to synchronise your ongoing promotions; making them available to all channels as you move towards managing all promotions in Promo.

  • Initial take on: load/convert your existing promotions

  • Integration Partners can utilise their own UI to maintain promotions.

  • Developers can perform advanced promotion management tasks, including bulk publish/update of promotions and duplicating company configurations, etc.