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Release Notes - v3.1

Qixol Promo v3.1

See below full details of what is included in version 3.1.

  • For each promotion you can now optionally specify discount values, new prices and spend qualification amounts with a value for each currency.

  • Where a currency is specified against a basket being validated, this will be used to establish which currency specific value to use.

  • Baskets without a currency will be assumed to be in your organisation’s default currency. To set your default currency, go to Configuration / Settings.

  • Not interested in other currencies? All your existing promotions will continue to work as they did before, and you can update them with currency values if you want to.

  • Associated extended information against each promotion, including banner or sticker image names/locations, terms and conditions or other

  • Extend the types of collateral information supported using attributes.

  • All collateral is available to integrating systems using the Promo API export services

  • Standardise and simplify the collateral available about your promotions across all channels, and manage the information in one place

  • Quickly stop a promotion by clicking the new End Now button available in the promotions list

  • For the Deal Price promotion type, target the promotion benefit at selected Product Groups.

  • QuickViews now support click to stay open

  • Bugfixes and performance enhancements