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Release Notes - v2.9

Qixol Promo v2.9

See below full details of what is included in version 2.9

  • We’ve made some enhancements to the way that coupon codes are imported

    • Each import batch can now contain up to 20,000 codes (the previous limit was 1,000).

    • Import Performance has been significantly improved.

    • When importing from a CSV file, you can now specify the date format to be used.

  • Against each promotion, you can now see how the promotion has performed over a time period

    • Click the Promotion Usage button to display a chart showing how the promotion has been used over the last six months, six weeks or seven days

    • You can configure the chart to show data based on the number of uses of the promotion, or the average discount value of the promotion (where appropriate).

    • Click the Export button to extract the usage statistics for the promotion, either as XML, or in to Excel ready XML

We are pleased to introduce the Preview release of our new Loyalty Module. This Preview release makes the module available to you for review, with the supporting API services coming soon when the module becomes fully available.

In the meantime, you can review all functionality, which includes the following
  • Create multiple schemes to provide differing benefits for your signed up members. Within each scheme:

    • Points are issued on the following basis:

      • Promotions applied to a basket.

      • Overall value of the basket.

    • Points can be adjusted up or down within the account management.

    • Points can have a defined expiration period, if required.

    • Conversion rates can be specified for each currency, or just use one rate for all.

    • Each account can have multiple members, where the permissions for those members is configurable. For example, for family accounts - only selected members can redeem points.

    • Create loyalty card numbers from a masked number series, or by generating GUIDs. Card numbers can optionally be automatically allocated to members when they sign up.

    • Members can be transferred from one scheme to another.

  • Capture points for prospects (contacts not signed up to a scheme), which can optionally be persisted when they sign up.

  • Use a Loyalty Scheme as a criteria in all promotion types, to create promotions which target your members based on their loyalty scheme.

To see the new module, please register a new account. Alternatively if you already have an account and would like us to enable this module for you – please just get in touch. You can reply to this email, or contact us at:

Use of the new Loyalty module is a chargeable add-on. Pricing details to be provided when the module becomes fully available.