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Promotion Type: Basket % or Value Off

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The Basket % or Value Off promotion type provides the ability to discount all products in the basket (and optionally the delivery amount where required) by a value or percentage, where the criteria is met.

The criteria on whether the promotion should be applied can be based on the value of the basket (by defining the Minimum Spend Amount) and/or by defining Inclusion Criteria based on either attributes or products.

Where a Minimum Spend Amount is specified, the Include Delivery in Spend Amount Calculation flag indicates whether the delivery amount should be included when checking the basket total spend is greater than or equal to the Minimum Spend Amount specified.

The Include Delivery when Discounting flag indicates whether the delivery should be discounted along with the basket products. Where the delivery amount is discounted an additional line will be added to the basket (with a flag against it indicating it is a discount line associated with the delivery) with the discount amount assigned to it.

This promotion type is Basket Level.

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