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Summarised activity data is available for Card Groups and Reporting Codes.  The activity data can be analysed in the Promo Portal, using the Analyse charts to view the activity over time presented graphically.  Further to this, the activity data can be exported using for analysis in external systems.



Analysis Filters





Select the period to display:

Last 6 Months  -  Analyse activity data from the last 6 months from the current date.

Last 6 Weeks  -  Analyse activity data from the last 6 weeks from the current date.

Last 7 Days  -  Analyse activity data from the last 7 days from the current date.



Select whether to show Activity Counts or Total Values data.



Select the required currency code.  The company home currency code will be selected by default.




Save to PDF


To capture the currently displayed chart to a PDF, select Save to PDF.  The PDF will automatically be downloaded.





Summarised activity data can be downloaded as XML, JSON, CSV (comma separated values) or Excel Ready XML (XML format ready for opening in Excel).   When starting a download, a Currency Code and Month must be selected.  The Currency Code will default to the Currency Code currently being displayed in the Analysis page.  The Month will default to the current month.


The summarised activity date for the selected currency code and month will be grouped by day and includes the activity counts and values for the day, as well as the cumulative counts and values up to the day.






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