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Add Campaign/Coupon Criteria
Attribute details
Attribute Values Import
Automated Backups
Available Promotions for Basket Export
Available Promotions For Products Export
Basket Attribute Criteria
Basket Builder
Basket Requests and Responses
Basket Response codes
Basket Validation Response
Baskets, Lines and Products
Best Deal Processing vs Always Apply
Campaign/Coupon Code Details
Campaign/Coupon Code Export
Campaign/Coupon Code Export Service
Campaign/Coupon Code Locks
Campaign/Coupon Codes List
Campaign/Coupon Details
Campaign/Coupon Export Service
Campaign/Coupon Generate Codes
Campaign/Coupon Import Codes
Campaign/Coupon Number Series
Campaign/Coupon Number Series Details
Campaign/Coupon Reporting Codes
Confirming Baskets
Conflict Resolution
Creating Promotions
Creating Your First Promotion
Dealing with multiple Currencies
Edit Setting
Ensuring Consistent Results for Re-Submitted Baskets
Entities and Attributes
Evaluation Company Sample Data
Export Response Codes
Help with Registration
Historical Baskets
Import Log
Integrating with Qixol Promo
Integration Considerations
Introduction to the Promo Portal
Loyalty - Schemes
Manage Company
Managing Timezones
Missed Promotions
NopCommerce extension
Organisation - Add Company
Organisation - Add User
Organisation - Manage Organisation
Organisation - Manage Users
Permitted IP Addresses
Product Criteria
Product Import
Products List
Promo Help
Promotion Collateral
Promotion Criteria
Promotion Groups
Promotion Levels
Promotion Notifications
Promotion Type: Basket % or Value Off
Promotion Type: Bundle Price
Promotion Type: Buy One Get One Free
Promotion Type: Buy One Get One Reduced
Promotion Type: Deal Price
Promotion Type: Delivery Reduction
Promotion Type: Free Gift
Promotion Type: Issue Points
Promotion Type: Issue Voucher Code
Promotion Type: Multi-buy
Promotion Type: Product % or Value Off
Promotion Type: Workflow Trigger
Promotion Types
Promotions List
Publishing Promotions
Release Notes
Release Notes - v2.10
Release Notes - v2.9
Release Notes - v3.1
Release Notes - v3.2
Release Notes - v3.3
Release Notes - v3.4
Release Notes - v3.5
Reporting Group Codes
Response Api Action Codes
Response Codes - Campaign/Coupon Code Validation
Response Codes - Configuration API
Response Codes - Import Validation
Response Codes - Loyalty API
Testing Promotions
Understanding Conflict Resolutions
Video Series - Features
Video Series - nopCommerce Extension
Which Promotion Type should I use?
Withdrawn Campaign/Coupon Codes